• Congratulation to Nick Sanchez

    Nick received the first Community Ambassador badge for new member referrals. He encouraged fifteen people from his department to join Emerging Bank Leaders and earned 150 Member Referral Points. Check out Nick's badge on his profile page under achievements. Way to go Nick!

    Click here for a summary of EBL Member Referral Program.

  • Weekly GR Conference Calls

    Join us for weekly GR conference calls on Fridays at 11:00 a.m. throughout the session. Use the following information to connect:
    Passcode: 7789613

  • Millennial Employees are Making their Mark on Banking

    The reality is that millennials are going to disrupt your bank whether you're ready or not. This generation has the skill set, drive, and desire to create change. And we've arrived at a time when the survival of the banking industry depends on it.